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New Islamabad Intl Airport + Pakistani airport updates


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on: February 23, 2019, 09:31:53 AM

Just came across the fact that "Benazir Bhutto International Airport" (ICAO: OPRN) has been replaced by the new "Islamabad International Airport" (ICAO: OPIS).

On May 3rd 2018 all commercial flights were transferred to the new airport.

Also, I came across the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority's official list of passenger numbers (2017-2018), which you can check here :

In case you want to update the figures of the Pakistani airports, latest annual passenger figures are as follows:

* Islamabad : 4,777,958 pax
* Karachi : 6,697,073 pax
* Lahore : 4,314,652 pax
* Multan : 1,284,869 pax
* Faisalabad: 519,879 pax
* Peshawar: 1,554,219 pax
* Quetta: 417,522 pax

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Reply #1 on: February 24, 2019, 12:20:01 PM
Thank you for the data! It has been entered to the game and will appear in any new worlds created after the update. Let us know if you find any more interesting statistics
Sincerely, Matias - AM Membership Officer
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